The Girl Goes Big

I had a vision or maybe just a crazy idea, but either way I followed it. I had an idea to paint a 360 degree mural. I wanted it to feel like you were walking into a painting.  I love over-sized Art work. How it makes you feel small but leaves you inspired and in Awe.


I found the inspiration in a vintage Vogue magazine. I’m not done using this as inspiration, I can see much more art being inspired by these photos.


With this project I challenged myself to not buy any new supplies and to only use what we already had.


To every project, there is the starting point. And this time I was not afraid.



I never worry about the first layer. It’s fun and play. It’s the reason I paint. I allow myself to just try ANYthing. To be the learner who doesn’t need to know but rather a time of exploration and experiment. It’s where I find my freedom.


Once I let myself go, I am open to every color that wants to play.


I love to put colors together. I love the action of painting with a brush. To me it’s a dance. Sometimes I lead and sometimes I follow.








Every brush stroke is another thought. A contemplation, a ponder, an abstract of the conscious that manifest itself in color.



At this point I got stuck. I knew what I wanted put I didn’t trust I could do it. My friends came in and reminded me of my dreams and encouraged me to Keep Going! The older I get, the more accepting of the fact that there are times I need people to encourage me. That I am part of the collective dream and how important it is to have a tribe.



Valerie who is my number one cheerleader came in and did some finishing touches.


And there she is, “The Girl Goes Big”

I didn’t end up painting a 360 degree mural. I am ok with that, I knew with this project that I was gonna have to let some things go, in order to see where she wanted to go.

I learned a lot during this time. Sometimes an idea pulls you to see how far you will go. Sometimes in the process you have to lead and sometimes you have to follow. That process is as important as the finished project. And if you’re lucky enough to find your tribe, the ones that encourage to keep going, then you can go BIG!

And now I am curious on where this girl wants to go next?

You can view “The Girl Goes Big” at the Magoski Arts Colony  in Fullerton, CA until the end of the year.